About me.

Being in the airforce for 6 years I understand the dedication it takes to live a healthy lifestyle while working shift work. For me I enjoy being functionally fit and have worked in the fitness industry now since 2014. I work with women from all walks of life and specialise in body transformations and nutrition coaching. Since 2014 I have competed in over 20 body sculpting shows and have recently won my IFBB Pro Card at the Australian National show March 2021.

I am a qualified sports nutritionist and pride myself on providing my clients healthy long-lasting results by educating them about training and nutrition. If you are committed and willing to do what it takes to reach your goals, then I would love to work with you! My coaching isn't a quick fix or a fad diet, it is a commitment and requires a change in behaviour and mindset which I will help you with along the way. Fill out the coaching enquiry form to get started !

Qualifications + Achievements 

Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Human Behaviour 

Qualified and Registered Sports Nutritionist

Certified Group instructor and Fitness Professional

Strength and Conditioning Coach

IFBB Bikini Professional Athlete 

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